Applies to all classes:

A) Registration
1. All pullers will register for entry 1/2 hour prior to the start of the pull. Member may enter other member's vehicle without vehicle being present.
2. Vehicle may not enter more than once in any class. Tractors may enter in up to two classes.
3. When drawing for position, if a member has more than one vehicle, or is registering in more than one class, they must state which is being drawn for prior to pick.
4. All vehicles must have a tech inspection before they will be allowed to pull.

B) Point System
1. Points will be awarded at all sanctioned pulls as follows: 1st place - 50 points, decreasing by 2 points through 14th place.
2. Points will be awarded to certified vehicles in their respective order of finish, regardless of placing of non-certified vehicles in that class. Points will be awarded to the vehicle not the driver, but driver must be a member to receive points.
3. If for any reason a class or classes are cancelled, every vehicle signed in will
receive 25 points.
4. Points will not be awarded until after the vehicle has been certified.
5. All ties will receive highest point total and added, then split between the two vehicles.
6. Disqualification of a vehicle will receive 25 points, except in a pull-off.
7. If there is a DQ while competing while hooked to the pulling sled in a class, you
will receive 25 points. If you are disqualified off track for any reason, you will receive no points, and no money.
8. If you legitimately break while attempting to move the pulling sled, you will receive last place points. No points or money if you do not hook up to the sled on your own power, except in a pull off.
9. For each class we will take your worst hook of the year or one that was missed and throw it out. (In golf they call this a mulligan) if you have any questions contact a board member.

C) General Rules
1. Tractors may only hook 1 time in each class, maximum of 2 classes.
2. Any tractor where the engine block serves as the frame must have frame rails that connect the bell housing to the front end of tractor
3. 18.4x38 Max tire size - Any cut.
4. Front weights not to exceed 11 ft from center of rear axle - Rear weights not to extend beyond radius of tires.
5. Drawbar must be a minimum of 18" from center of rear axle - Maximum of 20" high.
6. Drawbar must be anchored at original pull point and stationary in all directions - Areas above must be clear of obstacle to allow easy hook and unhook to the sled.
7. RPM limits of 3000, 5000 or 5500 RPM (see safety rules)
8. 2 second RPM spike allowed during run.
9. All tractors must be equipped with workable rear wheel brakes.
10. All engine driven fans must be shrouded with steel 11/16" min. 360 degrees, at least as wide as the fan blades.
11. All exposed driveshaft couplers shall be covered 360 degrees with a minimum of 3/8" steel minimum of the width of the coupler.
12. Rain caps may not be used. All exhaust must discharge vertically upward above the highest point of the tractor. If a vehicle is found to be illegal because of any violations of sections I &K (Engine Limits) driver and owners are disqualified for an amount of time to be decided by the SCWTP Board.

13. No V-8 engines allowed

14. Chassis must match motor

D) Safety Equipment - All tractors will have:
1. All tractors must be equipped with an approved scatter blanket. Blanket must be
secured 360 degrees around flywheel, and must cover a minimum of 75% of flywheel; any non-covered area must be on the bottom.
2. Wheelie bars; independent of hitch - able to lift tractor with jack under pad in heaviest class tractor participates in - pad to be no more than 10" above ground and should be Minimum length of 32" from center of axle when set at the 10" max height.
3. Kill switch with loop at rear of tractor must cut ignition on gas tractors - air supply on diesel tractors.
4. Must have at least 2.5 lb minimum fire extinguisher located convenient to the operator.
5. Engine side shields made of 11/16" steel or W' Plexiglas or .090 Aluminum minimum and removable without tools.
6. RPM sensor with lead to rear of tractor and able to plug into box on sled.
7. Original fenders or equivalent.
8. Lap belt on seat.
9. Dead man throttle- (returns to idle when released)
10. ROPS or Roll Cage must be on all tractors except 5500 Limited where it is Optional

E) Safety Rules
1. No consumption of alcohol before pulling.
2. Any tractor found to be unsafe may be disqualified before, during or after the pull.
3. All tractors shall be out of gear when hooking and unhooking from sled.

4. HITCH HOOK - 3" X 3 1/2" Hole - 1" thick minimum

F) Track Guidelines
1. Keep in mind the safety of the crowd and yourself when operating your machine on and off the track; driver must have complete control at all times on the track and in the pits. Judges have the right to disqualify any vehicle not being operated safely. Judges consist of SCWTP board members and contest officials.
2. All certified vehicles must be driven by a member of the association. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
3. Each vehicle will have the hitch height measured prior to hooking to the sled.
4. A 100-foot restart line will normally be used. Any driver attempting to stop prior to the 100 foot mark will be allowed one restart this restart should take place immediately, if broke, vehicle may re-pull again at the end of the class, which will be the second attempt.
5. The first puller in the class or after a sled reset has the option to come back third or last. The decision to take the pull or drop back must be made before unhooking.
6. If the sled is reset after 1 vehicle has pulled, the remaining vehicles will pull in the order drawn beginning where the class was stopped. The first puller in the class will be allowed to re-pull immediately if the sled is reset on the first pull in the class only.
7. If necessary, a sled reset will be made before the class has run, maximum of 4 vehicles.
8. Any vehicle out of bounds will be disqualified. Sled out of bounds is allowed. Marked or unmarked there will be an out of bounds line extending to and past the designated full pull to assure that the pulling vehicle remains inbounds while hooked to the sled.
9. Weight lost or touching the ground while vehicle is hooked to sled will be disqualified. Failure or loss of safety equipment or loss of any equipment will be grounds for disqualification
10. If there is any discrepancy with the sled operation, a kill switch is pulled due to error by the sled operator, the vehicle involved will be allowed to re-pull, this re-pull should occur immediately, or at the end of the class, as determined by the driver.
11. In a pull-off, vehicles must hook in the order they originally pulled. There will be no 100-foot restart, or first puller option. Drivers and judges can decide to not pull-off, decision must be unanimous. Disqualification in a pull-off will result in puller being awarded last place available for those pulling off.
12. No riders on any tractor in pits or staging area. No riders during pull. Riders will result in disqualification for the day.
14. Violation of any rule shall constitute a disqualification. Any vehicle disqualified will
lose their entry fee.
15. Any puller that violates a major rule or violates a rule repeatedly will upon decision of SCWTP official be disqualified for amount of time to be decided by SCWTP board.  NO ALCOHOL in NA classes, if caught will be banned for one year and one day.
16. Threat of physical abuse to any puller, board member, or official, will be grounds for permanent disqualification.
17. All exhibition pulls will be made at the end of the pull if possible.
18. If vehicle is beyond 100 ft. and the sled operator has pulled the kill switch due to safety reasons, pull will be measured at that point.
19. No persons will be allowed on the track while vehicle is hooked to the sled (unless an emergency).
20. Repeated loss of fluid may result in disqualification.
21. If kill switch or air shut off comes out not due to sled pulling it out, pull stands, no re-pull unless first hook.
22. Drivers required to wear long pants, closed toed shoes and shirt. No shorts allowed.
23. Changes to these guidelines may result at the judge's discretion. Changes will be communicated at the drivers meeting prior to the start of the pull.
24. SCWTP reserves the right to interpret any and all rules as they see fit. New rules may be adopted during pulling season to promote safety or to benefit the sport.

G) Protests
1. If a SCWTP member of the same class wants to protest, the protester puts up $100. The protest fee of $100 is given to the protested if not found illegal. If found guilty, the protester is returned their $100. If both are found illegal money goes to SCWTP.
2. Protest fee must be presented to tech official or board member before end of said event. Tech official will notify protested competitor after which both vehicles will be teched. Protested vehicle will be placed under the control of tech official until protest has been executed.
3. The pulling vehicle and the driver must remain at the event to determine the results of the protest. (If the pulling vehicle and, or driver leave the event before being teched under protest, the pulling vehicle and driver may be suspended from SCWTP for an amount of time to be decided by the SCWTP board.
4. If any puller is protested for weight, protester must weigh his/her vehicle along with puller. If both vehicles are overweight, other tractors will be weighed to determine the accuracy of the scale.