9,500# Pro Farm


1.      Stock appearing tractors – chassis, fenders and sheet metal

2.      Tube frames and rack and pinion steering are allowed

3.      Steel flywheel and safety blanket required

4.      Wheelie bars must be able to support the weight of the tractor and extend 2” beyond the radius of the rear tires with squared off frame on rear of bars and be no more than 10” above the ground

5.      Wheelbase is to be a maximum distance of 114” unless originally produced by manufacturer, at which point the wheelbase will remain stock.  Overall length not to exceed 13’ from center of rear axle to farthest point forward.  Not including front tow hook

6.      ROPS with seatbelt required, roll cage with 5 point harness recommended

7.      Side shields are required

8.      Wide front tires must ride in the track of the rear tires, no narrow front ends

9.      Ladder bars are required

10. Homemade front ends allowed but will be subject to safety inspection by a SCWTP tech official for approval, no running gear front ends


1.      A maximum of 466ci with a plus or minus of 1% variance – NO deck plates allowed

2.      All tractors will be pump tested for displacement and then the oil pan will be tagged and sealed, if this is not done before the first pull, it must be completed before any prize money or points are awarded.  All vehicles must comply with Organization

3.      3,000 rpm max limit with no more than a total of one second-spike when hooked to the sled

4.      If a tractor records greater than 3,000 rpm during the pull, that tractor will be disqualified unless the tack box is determined to be inaccurate

5.      Tractors must have OEM cylinder head, intake manifold and exhaust manifold for that model series engine

6.      Intercooler, after coolers or any cooling devices for the air or fuel are not allowed

7.      P-Pumps allowed (P 7100 max pump)

8.      Only one turbo allowed

9.      Maximum turbo size is 3” inlet allowed, unlimited outlet size, slotted inlet covers allowed.  Inlet wheel must protrude into the inlet housing, No slugs, steps in the inlet housing or slipped wheels are allowed, a map ring is permitted in stock location  not to exceed .200”

10. Diesel fuel or Bio-Diesel ONLY.  Must have valve in line between tank and pump to be able to extract fuel sample for testing

11. Water injection is allowed with lubricant.  Random water samples will be checked. Illegal water is grounds for disqualification.  Tractors required to have water accessible for sampling. If the tank is mounted in a remote location with a hose or line, be able to show tech official the line came from the same line that feeds that pump.  Water is required to freeze additional water testing is at the discretion of SCWTP tech.

12. No alcohol, propane or nitrous oxide injections

13. RPM monitoring device is required on all tractors and must be mounted solid to the tractor and cannot contain any splicing in between the pickup at the front of the tractor and the plug in at the rear of the tractor.  It is the tractor owner’s responsibility to pay for their own cable and plug.  It must be terminated next to the air shut off cable.  Play back will be run at the end of each hook to verify RPM’s.  If RMP monitoring devise does not work, only one grace period will be allowed per session

14. Any tractors running with different clubs that may allow intercoolers will be subject to be inspected at every pull to verify intercooler is disconnected

15. Air shut off is required on the rear of the tractor and must be mounted on same vertical plane as hitch point with a 2” diameter ring and will be tested before the first pull.

16. A means of shutting off the air inlet supply from the driver’s seat is required

17. A fuel dump valve is required

18. Throttle must be spring loaded and return to idle position when released

19. Exhaust pipe must have two  (2) 3/8” minimum cross bolts as close to the turbo as possible, no rain caps or curved exhaust and must exit straight up

20. Electric fans are mandatory for safety

21. No headers or custom intake manifolds

22. Data Loggers are allowed

23.  No Combustible canister allowed on Engine


1.      Hitch height is 20” max as measured from the ground, hitching eye must be a minimum of 1” thickness with a 3” X 3 1/2" hole

2.      No 3rd link hitch support

3.      No floating drawbars.  Drawbars must be rigid in all directions


1.      20.8 x 38 or 18.4 x 42 maximum tire limit.  Any cut tires allowed



1.      9,500# max weight limit for tractors running any cut tires other than top cut

2.      10,000# max weight for tractors running un-cut or top cut tires

3.      All tractors will cross the scale at every pull to line-up before the class starts





General Engine and Drive Train


·       Tractor shall consist of the following: Stock motor and block or OEM block Replacement blocks are acceptable. Stock transmission or OEM replacement transmission must be externally stock appearing, no aftermarket gear boxes will be allowed inside of the stock transmission. OEM block cannot be altered in any way externally for normal repair or for mounting of fuel injection pumps. Internal webbing and water jacket to remain intact with provisions to re-bore motor block. Frame must remain stock from rear of block to rear of tractor. Clutch housing, transmission case rear end housing must be OEM or equivalent material.

·        Wheelbase maximum 114 inches unless originally produced by manufacturer, longer than must remain stock length. Maximum length 13 feet from the center of the rear axle to forward most part.

·        All engine blocks must remain in original location as intended by the manufacturer, sheet metal to be stock in length and location must be stock in appearance.

·        Wide front ends only, front tires must ride in the track of the rear tires.

·        Homemade front ends allowed but will be subject to safety inspections and SCWTP board approval. No running gear or wagon front ends.

·        Tractors must have OEM cylinder head, intake manifold and exhaust manifold for that model or series engine. No filler heads. Single feed intake manifolds only, and 1 inch intake manifold spacer allowed

·        Tractors must have hood and grills in place as intended by the manufacturer

·        No headers or custom intake manifolds.

·       No deck plates permitted

·        Cubic inch limit is 505. Under 470 may alter bore and stroke of engine to a max of 470 i.e. 414 may bore and or stroke to 470. 471 to 505 must retain factory bore and stroke.

Ø Exceptions: Massey Ferguson 540 cubic inch, Cockshutt, Oliver, and White 585 cubic inch (must still stay in factory bore and stroke)

·        Max weight of 11,000lbs

·        Stock core injection pump for the make of tractor. Limited to: ( Allis ChalmersAmbic 100) ( IHAmbic 100 ) (Ford/Massey Simms) ( John Deere 10mmA- pump) (Case 10mm A-pump) (Cockshutt/Oliver/White rotary) One plunger per cylinder. NO P-PUMPS (locked in for 3 years)

·        All throttles must be spring loaded to idle

·        No alcohol injection, propane injections, or nitrous oxide injection, and no pressurized containers.

·       Water injection is allowed. 2 ports maximum and must be in cross over pipe only.  Water ONLY can be used (cutting oil allowed for lubrication), Water must freeze if and when tested

·        One fuel only: Diesel, Bio-diesel, gasoline, or LP allowed as a primary fuel

·        No intercoolers, after coolers, or cooling devices for the air or fuel of any kind. Subject to inspection at any time.

·        Electric fans are recommended for safety reasons, if a factory fan is used, it must have a factory shroud 360 degrees around the fan.

·        3000 RPM max, all tractors must have functional RPM monitoring device approved by the SCWTP to hook to the sled. One can be purchased from Dennis Frey at FVP (608) 643-0200 or contact a board member.  Plug must be easily accessible. 

·        No computers allowed for data &acquisition or to control functions of the tractor

·        If a tractor records greater than 3000 RPM during the pull it will be checked by the laptop and will be allowed a single 1 second spike more than one will result in a DQ.


 Turbo Chargers


·       One turbo only

·        2.42 inlet to be a stock non altered borg warner S362, turbos are available thru FVP.

·        Turbo’s must be sent to FVP for a seal cable to be installed to verify stock. FVP will charge $50 unless turbo comes from FVP.

·        Tech checks include inspections of turbo and or intake requirements. Turbos checked with slug. Turbo’s must be sealed by first hook.

·       All diesel tractors must have air shut off that can be operated from the sled operator.

·        Hook ups for kill switch or air shut offs are to be mounted on same vertical plane as hitch point with a 2” diameter ring. Must be accessible from the sled.

·       Exhaust pipes must have two (2) 3/8” bolts in the vertical portion of the exhaust pipe.

         Bolts must be installed 90 degrees to each other with-in one (1) inch of each  other. This is to prevent a broken exhaust wheel of charger from leaving the stack.

·        No rain caps or curved pipes. Exhaust must exit vertically.


Safety and General Rules


·       All drivers must be 16 years of age or older and have written permission from a parent or Legal guardian if under 18 years of age, and approved by SCWTP board members.

·       All tractors must have: (1) Wheelie bars (2) steel flywheel and tie bars (3) air shut off or ignition shut off (4) at least 2.5 lb. fire extinguisher (5) side shields steel or aluminum no less than 0.060” thick 6) clutch blanket and ROPS/cage 7) 5/16 plate under damper if exposed

·        Wheelie bars must be able to support the weight of the tractor and be no more than 10”above the ground, bars should extend 2” or more from the radius of the tire

·       Tractors must have working brakes, fenders above tires strong enough to support weight of driver. No clamshell fenders.

·       Hitch point is to be a minimum for 18” behind center of rear axle and a maximum height of 20” in height. Hitch must be rigid in all directions, hitching eye to be a minimum of 1” in thickness with a 3”x 3 ½” inside diameter hole.

·        Any weights or objects falling free of tractor during pull are a disqualification.

·        Weights cannot interfere with hook up, must have a 12” clear span above the drawbar.

·       Seats must be safely secured.

·        Factory cast wheel centers, 10 bolt hubs with pressed steel rims allowed,  9 bolt 3 u bolt clamp hubs allowed (9 Bolt weld on hubs are allowed and must be 1” thick and used with reinforced rims.

·       No front wheel assist tractors allowed.

·       All drivers must wear helmet, long pants, and a fire jacket. NO SHORTS!

·        All tractors with ROPS or roll cage must have seat belts.

·        20.8- 38 0r 18.4- 42 max tire size; will allow top cut tires. No duals or chains.

·       Any tractor operated in an unsafe manner, with foul or abusive language or excessive use of alcohol will be grounds for disqualification or suspended for life. No alcohol for drivers until his or her classes are over


·        No riders on tractor

·       Anyone protesting the legality of a tractors engine’s cubic inch displacement will be required to put up a $500.00 tear down fee. If the tractor is found to be in violation, protestor will retain $500.00 and the suspect tractor and member will be suspended for life. If tractor is tore down and the tractor is with-in the rules, the owner of the suspect tractor retains the $500.00

·        Anyone protesting the legality of a tractor, per the rules will be required to put up $250.00. If the tractor is found to be in violation protestor will retain $250.00 and any disciplinary action will be handled by the tech official and the SCWTP board. If tractor is found to be with-in rules, the owner of the suspect tractor retains the $250.00

·       Performance violations (i.e. water, cubic inch, weight, or turbo)

-         First Offense: points and $250 fine

-         Second Offense: points and $300 fine

-         Third Offense: points and $350 and forfeit rest of season

-         Fines MUST be paid before next hook

·        Tractors may be pumped for cubic inch displacement at any time by tech officials.

·       All tractors will be subject to inspection by SCWTP directors or tech members before and after each pull. All tractors will be inspected 3-4 times per season minimum. All rules will be strictly enforced. Any questions on the legality of a tractor please consult a tech member. Tech members will have the power to enforce all rules and settle disputes over disqualifications on a pull to pull basis. Any repeat infractions shall result in a meeting of tech members and board members.


·        SCWTP reserves the right to refuse any individual the right to be a member, attend or participate at any or all events, due to, but not limited to, unsportsmanlike conduct, misrepresentation of club or affiliation.


·       Any rules or regulations that form a grey area or not previously stated are subject to be defined or changed by SCWTP board members at any time.